Courses overview

Some courses are for you in the privacy of your home, others are for your yoga studio or group events.

Past Life Regression Workshop

• Clearing old blocks and karmic patterns
• Learn who you have been
• Understand what you have carried over
• Create new intentions, start afresh
• Group regression

This one of a kind workshop is for groups who want to safely experience past lives. This half day fun workshop comes to your studio or your event and is accredited by the Yoga Alliance and can be used for your training hours.

Foundations of Yoga

• 350 page manual
• 30 hours of instructional video
• Theory and practice
• Certification program

How to become a yoga teacher and set up your own practice.
This completely downloadable course can be enjoyed in the peace and quiet of your own home. It covers a range of subjects from hatha Yoga, pranayama to Ayurveda.

Yoga for anxiety & stress

• Understanding the physiology of stress
• Breath techniques for anxiety management
• Asana practices to influene the nervous system

This course will help anybody to better understand their physiology in relation to stress and how to manage and prevent it with yoga.
The course is filled with practical tips and exersizes you can practice from the comfort of your home or workplace.