What is Energy Healing

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What is
energy healing?

In this video Jenna explains what is Energy Healing and how it can help you in your life.

One candle can light another

Jenna has the gift to channel the healing you may need

The Energy Healing Session

Energy healing sessions are beneficial to anyone who is looking to experience more wholeness and a deeper felt sense of wellbeing. It’s especially beneficial as a complementary therapy for other treatments to support those who are recovering from surgery of all kinds, cancer treatments, those feeling a lack of energy and who may be dealing with stress. Basically anyone needing a boost in their own healing abilities on the physical, mental and spiritual level, for both acute and chronic issues. In order to receive the full benefits of Energy Healing, it is generally recommended that you consider having 3-5 sessions, allowing the work to take effect.

Energy Healing is simple, yet profound. An ancient healing art in which one’s own life force energy is enhanced and its vibration raised. This healing energy stimulates the body’s own auto-healing response, so that individuals can effectively and naturally heal themselves from the inside out. The healing energy practitioner helps create a calm peaceful environment, a safe container for the individual to get in touch with his or her deeper self. The practitioner does this by getting herself into a meditative state that raises her own vibration to a higher more subtle frequency, clearing out her own mind and system, to become a channel to help initiate the flow of healing life force energy within herself; thus helping trigger the other individual’s own life force energy to activate.
Energy Healing is based on the principles that the body is a self-repairing living entity. The physical body possess the ability to heal itself and the healing process is accelerated by increasing ones frequency and vibration to assist one in achieving a state of balance, health and wellness.
Energy Healing is a non-touch healing therapy that works on a quantum level addressing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances simultaneously. It is the art and science of consciously bringing vibrational frequencies back into harmonic alignment, returning you to an optimal state of balance and wellbeing.
Everything is energy in the universe vibrating at a particular frequency. A disease or illness carries a low dense vibration slowing things down and clogging up the systems. A healthy positive vibration is more subtle, light and moves quicker thus not accumulating debris and has the functional ability to repair much faster and more efficiently. When the vibration is high enough, the low vibration can no longer coexist. Thus replacing the lower with the higher. Remember a moment in your life when you felt so positivity charged, your energy fully awake, when the feeling of pure joy and wellbeing flowed through you and everything around you reflected that positive experience you were experiencing inside. That is the goal most people are trying to attain to in life. Running after things that can bring joy.

What happens in a session

Jenna creates a sacred healing space that is both safe and comfortable physically and emotionally so that the individual can get in touch with one’s deeper self, one’s inner healer. Energy healing requires no physical contact. Jenna works with the subtle energy body systems which is the energy field or blueprint that surrounds the physical body. The energy body holds all our past traumas and pain and we may not even been aware that what is held there may be the source of our ongoing physical or mental ailments.

When you go for a healing session with Jenna she will make you feel welcome and help you set the intention to release whatever it is that may be blocking you from your higher potential. Jenna will help you find the most relaxed and comfortable position to help you feel fully at ease. Jenna will then take you through some simple yet effective breathing exercises to help calm your nervous system and clear your mind. Once you feel at ease and relaxed the Energy healing will begin.

Jenna holds a sacred space and the high vibrational energy is channeled through her hands which then activates your body’s own natural ability to heal itself. The goal is to let go of doing and move into a space of being. Being present allows us to let go and feel at ease and experience our innate wholeness and harmony with the universe. There will be a short introduction before the healing session, then a debriefing period after the session.

Healing is a return to balance. Every health challenge that we face can be a combination of a physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional imbalance. All of these imbalances that eventually can manifest as a disease start in the subtle energy body. Like a weed that begins to sprout if not addressed and removed. That is why it’s important to not only take care of the physical issues but also take care of the subtle issues to avoid the later manifestation of such disease in the first place.

Energy healing is not about diagnosing or treating symptoms. Nor do we dig into the problem causing more disturbance. Instead we interact with the frequencies, creating coherence and order. In other words, Energy Healing creates greater harmony and balance within us promoting wellbeing. Energy does not have any judgment. In the Universe there is no good, bad, right or wrong. It’s all energy. Positive and negative forces making up this physical reality we call life. Therefore by removing this sense of judgment we go beyond the metal belief system of our conditioned thinking and move into a state of present being wherein lies our own treasure of wholeness and power

What to expect during the session

Studies have shown that energy based therapies help to decrease anxiety, depression and enhance moods. In addition it has shown to help increase joy, energy and feeling of love. It also is beneficial in decreasing guilt, hostility, anger and fear. Among the physical benefits are: slowed breathing and heart rate, lowers blood pressure and creates relaxation.

Essential elements to healing include a positive attitude and a connection to life and spirit. Positive thoughts strengthen energy flow, negative thoughts weaken it. Constant thoughts about illness and personal problems inhibit the effect, whereas thoughts about something pleasant are beneficial. A person needs to be open to the possibility of obtaining health and wellness. If one approaches the session with an attitude that it will not work, then it probably will not work.

The client and practitioner come together energetically to facilitate the client’s health and healing which creates a heart-centered and caring relationship in a nurturing environment. The practitioner acts as a facilitator to restore harmony and balance in the client’s energy field, assisting the client towards a path of self-healing and journey to wholeness.


•Restoring physical and mental balance
•Overcoming traumas
•A new start in life
•Chakra balancing
•Processing grief
•Healing a broken heart
•Emotional release from negative beliefs
•Helping release old patterns
•Spiritual unfoldment
•A deeper felt sense of inner peace
•A feeling of balance and wholeness
•Greater clarity of mind
•Calmness and more patience
•Greater sense of love and connectedness
•Finding a sense of purpose
•Helps lower blood pressure
•Helps decrease anxiety
•Enhances mood
•Positive thoughts
•Feeling connected to life and spirit
•Deeper more restorative sleep at night
•A greater ability to focus
•Discovering talents and gifts

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