Therapeutic Yoga Class

Join us at SCHUSTER Physical Therapy for therapeutic yoga. This class is for everybody, adaptive, restorative, and will leave you feeling better than ever! Therapeutic yoga encompasses a whole body, mind, wellness approach. Reduces stress, increases flexibility, builds muscle and improves balance. In this educational class students will learn proper posture, body alignment, functional movement, the mechanics of breathing, dynamic and static stretches and experience a deep relaxation for the body and mind. First class is $5 for new students. Packages available on shop page. Signed liability and intake form required before first class. Cash payment accepted at the door. Otherwise go to payment buttons below.


EMAIL JENNA at [email protected] to register and reserve your spot -Not comfortable in a group? Contact Jenna for private sessions. -Please bring your own yoga mat to class. -Please notify instructor if you have any serious medical conditions and/or if you are pregnant. -Please wear comfortable clothing and do not wear heavy perfumes to class. -Kindly silence your cell phones during class. LOCATION: 419 E. Main Street, Unit 4, Jefferson, NC 28640